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PTV Balling shredder
PTV balling shredder

The PTV balling shredder ensures that pre-shredded materials, mainly metals, are cleanly separated through this machine and prepared for a more accurate separation. Adhesions on the metal are also separated from the metal by the impact in combination with the grid and can be used to produce the desired material/ball sizes. By that there is both a cleaning of the metals and also a certain degree of crushing and separation at the same time.

Subsequently, depending on the material, the different constituents of the feed material can be separated by a wide variety of separation processes. Replacement of the wearing parts takes place via the double- doors on each side, which allows a quick and easy change of all installed wear parts.

PTV Output per hour Weight Feed size Inlet size Motor Final grain size
PTV 100/100 6 - 15 t 9000 kg 100 mm 280 x 1000 mm 160 kW flexible