Recycling of glass

Cost-efficient laminated glass reprocessing

Today, glass is one of the products that surrounds us every day and everywhere. The use of glass is increasingly evolving and so are the quantities of glass waste generated and its recycling. Bottles and ordinary flat glass have already been economically recycled almost everywhere for decades. For some years now, the process of laminated glass recycling has also been developing steadily as the demand for glass and also PVB increases.

Our areas of application at a glance:

  • Laminated glass
  • Safety glass
  • Flat glass
  • Automotive glass
  • Container glass
  • Stained glass

Photovoltaic module recycling

Our recycling solutions for PV modules

Photovoltaic modules are among the most environmentally friendly energy sources. Nevertheless, they are also among the most resource-relevant waste products, which is why the recycling of PV modules is becoming increasingly important. PV modules contain valuable materials such as aluminum, glass and various plastics. According to the current status (2022), more than 95% of these materials can be recycled, and we are doing our part.

Our machines for your application

Machines for the preparation of glass


The aim is to tear the film-reinforced panes into small pieces, so that a secondary crusher such as our PTKS impact mill can later separate the film and glass cleanly from each other.

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Fine grinding mill

Our PTRF fine grinding mill is equipped with one or two rotors, depending on the application. The starting material is mineral products with a feed size of up to 30 mm, depending on the material.

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With Recyglass® you work cost-efficiently in terms of laminated glass reprocessing.

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