Fine grinding mills

PTRF-Series - For the fine comminution of your materials

Fine comminution at the highest level

For optimum separation of organic substances

Our PTRF fine grinding mills is equipped with one or two rotors, depending on the application. The starting material is mineral products with a feed size of up to 30 mm, depending on the material.

The special feature of the PTRF is that the machine does not crush organic materials, which enables optimum separation downstream. Depending on the speed, grain curves and target grain size can be set.

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Benefits at a glance

Convincing arguments

Optimal material disintegration, separation of mineral and foreign matter

No shredding of impurities and organic matter, which can thus be easily separated downstream

Less energy required per ton for shredding compared to conventional machines

Wear parts specifically selected for the

PTRF 100-1

1-rotor fine grinding mill (PTRF 100-1)

The impact mill with one rotor is suitable for crushing minerals to 0-2 mm, 0-1 mm or 0-0.5 mm. The feed size is up to 30 mm, depending on the material.

Weight:5300 kg
Feeding size:Up to 30 mm
Inlet size:170 x 510 mm
Final Grain:0-2 mm

PTRF 100-2

2-rotor fine grinding mill (PTRF 100-2)

The impact crusher with 2 rotors has as target products (<0.090 mm, <0.065 mm, <0.030 mm) which are used as cement substitutes, for foam glass, carbonates and kaolin.

Weight:8200 kg
Feed opening:Up to 10 mm
Inlet size:145 x 680 mm
Final grain:Up to 0,010 mm

Container and hollow glass processing

The perfect preparation of container and hollow glass

Preparation of laminated glass

The perfect preparation of laminated glass

Processing of aluminum and non-ferrous metals

The perfect preparation for further separation


In the PTRF fine grinding mill, only the mineral content of the feed product is crushed without destroying the aluminum content or creating unnecessary aluminum chips. In this way, the minerals can be easily screened or sieved after the PTRF, and a very clean aluminum fraction remains. This application can be used for a feedstock up to 15 mm, for larger products a PTH hammer mill must be used.

Applications of the fine grinding mill

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Our fine grinding impact mills can be used for processing glass.

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Special solutions

We carry out extensive tests with your feed material for your application, to find an individual solution for you.

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Our fine grinding mills can be used for processing glass.

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