Rotors Spare Parts & Supplies

Wide range of high quality spare parts

Rotor construction

Detailed view of a rotor

Rotor shaft

Wide range of rotor shafts

We have a large range of rotor shafts and can reconstruct rotor shafts that are no longer available and manufacture them to fit precisely. For this we use highly quenched and tempered quality steel.

ring clamping sets

Shaft-hub connections

Rotor body and shaft are connected (clamped) with clamping sets. This allows drive components to be connected to a shaft in order to transmit motion and withstand axial forces.

We have numerous solutions for highly stressed shaft-hub connections in our range.

Belt pulleys

Safe connection

Our ring clamping sets are used in impact crushers for fastening the two pulleys to provide a secure connection.

We have high quality pulleys in our range.

Bearing technology

Complete storage systems & components


Whether the complete bearing system or only individual components. We can offer you spherical roller bearings, labyrinths, bearing covers or bearing housings for all impact crushers, hammer mills, jaw crushers or shredders.

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