The heartpiece of an impact mill

New construction of rotors

Production of rotors in own production

Today, according to the current status in 2016, we can manufacture approx. 280 different impact mill rotors across manufacturers in our own production in Lengerich. We can produce a kind of “replica” or use the Prall-Tec design to make the rotor and thus the entire impact mill more powerful and resistant.

A reinforced retaining bar, the use of special steel, as well as the very sophisticated welding technology and heat treatment ensure significantly better service life of each Prall-Tec rotor. Special solutions such as rotors with blow bars from other machines can also be implemented on a customer-specific basis through in-house design and manufacturing.

Benefits at a glance

Convincing arguments

Many years of experience and modern manufacturing processes enable qualitative products

Multi-manufacturer production of
Impact mill rotors

Construction and manufacturing
in Lengerich

Long service life due to special
manufacturing processes

Implementation of customer-specific

Design and manufacturing based on
of no longer available rotor types

Böhringer rotors

Wide range of Böhringer rotors

Böhringer Rotor 800x500Böhringer Rotor PB 1500Böhringer Rotor RC 7
Böhringer Rotor EG 1000x700Böhringer Rotor PB 1600Böhringer Rotor SM 12H
Böhringer Rotor EG 1200x900 SBöhringer Rotor PB 1800Böhringer Rotor SM 7
Böhringer Rotor EG 800x550Böhringer Rotor PM 70Böhringer Rotor ZFK 14
Böhringer Rotor PB 1200Böhringer Rotor RC 10GBöhringer Rotor 42 x 16
Böhringer Rotor PB 1300Böhringer Rotor RC 12Böhringer Rotor 42 x 26 1065 x 650
Böhringer Rotor PB 140Böhringer Rotor RC 12GBöhringer Rotor 42 x 30 1065 x 800
Böhringer Rotor PB 1450/1300MBöhringer Rotor RC 14Böhringer Rotor HS 16

Metso rotors

Wide range of Metso rotors

Metso Rotor 404 L (204)Metso Rotor MK 205PCMetso Rotor PM 504PCV
Metso Rotor HPC-204RMetso Rotor MT 503PCVMetso Rotor RMA 403PC
Metso Rotor MK(PK)-203Metso Rotor PC 10-60lMetso Rotor RMA 404PC
Metso Rotor MK(PK)-202Metso Rotor PC 1270i
Metso Rotor MK 203LMetso Rotor PC 204

Pegson rotors

Wide range of Pegson rotors

Pegson Rotor 1060Pegson Rotor 25 x 5"Pegson Rotor 40 x 25"
Pegson Rotor 1080Pegson Rotor 28 x 20"Pegson Rotor 42 x 25"
Pegson Rotor 1100 x 800Pegson Rotor 32 x 18"Pegson Rotor 1500S Gyrasphere
Pegson Rotor 15 x 38"Pegson Rotor 32 x 22"Pegson Rotor AUTOCONE 700
Pegson Rotor BP 12/12Pegson Rotor 36 x 20"Pegson Rotor AUTOCONE 900
Pegson Rotor P100Pegson Rotor 36 x 24"Pegson Rotor EUROCONE 1100
Pegson Rotor PS-120Pegson Rotor 36 x 25"Pegson Rotor Telsmith 24
Pegson Rotor PS-80Pegson Rotor 36 x 6"Pegson Rotor Telsmith 36

Hammer rotors

Wide range of Hammer rotors

Hammer Rotor AMARO-2½Hammer Rotor Voest 110Hammer Rotor 44/75
Hammer Rotor AMARO-3Hammer Rotor Voest ZH-85Hammer Rotor 56D/50K
Hammer Rotor KLUS-5B2Hammer Rotor Voest ZS 80Hammer Rotor HBK 1221/35
Hammer Rotor KLUS-5B3Hammer Rotor ZS 100Hammer Rotor HBK 809(35)
Hammer Rotor SHRB-60Hammer Rotor 46GHammer Rotor HBK-1430/52
Hammer Rotor 16 D 75Hammer Rotor SB1265LHammer Rotor HBK-2596/67
Hammer Rotor 48 D 50 WHammer Rotor 1600Hammer Rotor 1000 x 800
Hammer Rotor 68 D 90 WHammer Rotor 44/50 (36/50)Hammer Rotor 800 x 400

Hartl Rotors

Wide range of Hartl rotors

Hartl Rotor 404 L (204)Hartl Rotor MK-205PCHartl Rotor PM 504PCV
Hartl Rotor HPC-204RHartl Rotor MT-503PCVHartl Rotor RMA-403PC
Hartl Rotor MK(PK)-203Hartl Rotor PC 10-60IHartl Rotor RMA-405PC
Hartl Rotor MK(PR)-202Hartl Rotor PC 1270i
Hartl Rotor MK-203LHartl Rotor PC204

Keestrack rotors

Wide range of Keestrack rotors

Keestrack Rotor H1993Keestrack Rotor SHB 12-100 MKeestrack Rotor SHN-12
Keestrack Rotor HC-3519Keestrack Rotor SHB-10Keestrack Rotor SHN-6
Kubimax HPM-10Keestrack Rotor SHB-14Keestrack Rotor SHV-10
Keestrack Rotor Kubimax HPM-13Keestrack Rotor SHH-12Keestrack Rotor SHV-12
Keestrack Rotor Semirex W122Keestrack Rotor SHH-15Keestrack Rotor SHV-15
Keestrack Rotor SH-600Keestrack Rotor SHH-17(170)Keestrack Rotor SPH-10
Keestrack Rotor SHA(B)-13(90)Keestrack Rotor SHN(V)-8Keestrack Rotor SPH-10S
Keestrack Rotor SHA-10(80)Keestrack Rotor SHN-10Keestrack Rotor SPH-12

Kleemann Rotors

Wide range of Kleemann rotors

Kleemann Rotor H1993Kleemann Rotor SHB 12-100 MKleemann Rotor SHN-12
Kleemann Rotor HC-3519Kleemann Rotor SHB-10Kleemann Rotor SHN-6
Kleemann Rotor Kubimax HPM-10Kleemann Rotor SHB-14Kleemann Rotor SHV-10
Kleemann Rotor Kubimax HPM-13Kleemann Rotor SHH-12Kleemann Rotor SHV-12
Kleemann Rotor Semirex W122Kleemann Rotor SHH-15Kleemann Rotor SHV-15
Kleemann Rotor SH-600Kleemann Rotor SHH-17(170)Kleemann Rotor SPH-10
Kleemann Rotor SHA(B)-13(90)Kleemann Rotor SHN(V)-8Kleemann Rotor SPH-10S
Kleemann Rotor SHA-10(80)Kleemann Rotor SHN-10Kleemann Rotor SPH-12

Hazemag rotors

Wide range of Hazemag rotors

Hazemag Rotor AP-0Hazemag Rotor APK(V)M-0806Hazemag Rotor APK-105
Hazemag Rotor AP-0807Hazemag Rotor APK-0806Hazemag Rotor APK-106
Hazemag Rotor AP-4Hazemag Rotor APK-1006Hazemag Rotor APK-1313
Hazemag Rotor AP-4 80Hazemag Rotor APK-1010Hazemag Rotor APK-1615
Hazemag Rotor AP-4(S)Hazemag Rotor APK-1010DHazemag Rotor APK-20
Hazemag Rotor AP-5Hazemag Rotor APK-1013Hazemag Rotor APK-30
Hazemag Rotor AP-6Hazemag Rotor APK-103Hazemag Rotor APK-4
Hazemag Rotor AP-7sHazemag Rotor APK-104Hazemag Rotor APK-40

SBM Rotors

Wide range of SBM rotors

SBM Rotor 10/10/4 RHSSBM Rotor 10/6/4 PMMSBM Rotor 11/9/4
SBM Rotor 10/10/4 RHSMSBM Rotor 10/6/4 RHSMSBM Rotor 12/10/4 10
SBM Rotor 10/10/4 S3SBM Rotor 10/6/4 SSBM Rotor 12/10/4 13
SBM Rotor 10/10/4 SKSBM Rotor 10/6/4 S3SBM Rotor 12/10/4 15
SBM Rotor 10/10/4 SM(K)SBM Rotor 10/6/4 Sbf HSBM Rotor 12/10/4 4
SBM Rotor 10/12/4 SFSBM Rotor 10/6/4 SMSBM Rotor 12/10/4 4+13
SBM Rotor 10/5/4 SMRSBM Rotor 10/6/4 SMKSBM Rotor 12/10/4 ES
SBM Rotor 10/6/4 Exp H+EHSBM Rotor 10/6/4/(3) ESSBM Rotor 12/10/4 Exp. E2

Other manufacturers of rotors in our assortment

We carry a variety of rotors from other manufacturers

AebiElbaJostLoro & parisiniNiederhageböckRotex
Altairac EschKeiserLoesche-MühlenNordberg-BergeaudRubble Master
Ammann RotorenFallbirnenKemcoWibauNuova f.Skoda-prerov
BaioniGhhKlus aebiMiagOmtTesab
ComecHazetLiebherrNeuman & EsserReiter & CrippaVon Felten

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