Blow bars

Wearing parts for impact crushing

Ceramic blow bars

More stable and powerful

Thanks to the use of ceramics today, impact bars are becoming more and more stable and powerful. Ceramic impact bars are now used in almost every impact mill and are therefore widespread.

We can offer you the right impact bar for every impact mill, because not all ceramics are the same. For the secondary crusher, we can now also fall back on various chrome ceramic blow bars and thus achieve significantly longer service lives with lower maintenance and replacement intervals.

We are happy to advise you and find the right beater bar for your product, if desired also without ceramic in manganese or martensite steel.

Martensitic steel blow bars

Wear and break resistant

  • High impact strength
  • High fracture resistance for all feed sizes
  • Good wear resistance
  • Use in primary and recycling impact crushers

Martensitic steel + ceramic impact blow bars

For longer service lives

  • Improved wear resistance as well as impact resistance as with normal martensitic impact bars
  • Longer service life than conventional martensitic impact bars
  • Less frequent change of impact bars and therefore less downtime of the impact crusher
  • Production costs per ton lowest when crushing recycled material

Manganese blow bars


  • Steel with excellent work hardening
  • Suitable for all feed sizes
  • Use in large primary crushers
  • Highest fracture resistance
  • Cost-effective

Chrome blow bars

For cost-efficient production

  • Optimal for abrasive and small feed material such as gravel
  • Long service life ensures cost-efficient production
  • Use in secondary crushers for grit and sand production
  • Feed material must not contain iron

Chrome + ceramic blow bars

High wear resistance

  • Improved wear resistance due to higher ceramic particle content
  • Significantly longer service life than conventional chrome cast impact bars
  • Suitable for very abrasive feed material
  • Longest service life of all blow bars
  • Feed material must not contain iron

Hammers, mallets & grate packages

For all common hammer mills

We supply spare and wear parts for all common hammer mills and shredders in various sizes and grades.

Whether a small mallet for the secondary crusher, large hammer for the scrap shredder or also grate packages for the defined final grain.

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