Smart preparation of metal

Optimal recovery of metals

Metal recycling is an important source of raw materials for reuse in steel mills and foundries. Metals can be reused after their intended purpose has expired. Common metals used conventionally in households and industry can be divided into two main groups, Fe metals and non-ferrous metals (Ne). Fe-metals contain iron (Fe). e.g. steel and steel alloys and non-ferrous metals do not contain iron (Ne). e.g., aluminum, copper, lead, zinc, etc..

Our areas of application at a glance:

  • Metal-bearing scrap products
  • Metallic scrap/metallic waste

Recycling of tyre steel wire

Highly efficient separation process

Tires are a multi-component product containing natural and synthetic rubbers as well as high-quality steel wire.
With our PTV balling mill, we have developed an environmentally friendly, highly efficient separation process for processing scrap tires. As a result, rubber adhesions can be almost completely separated from the wires. The recycling of scrap tires is also highly profitable with our separation process and contributes to an environmentally friendly return of tire wire to the steel industry.

Refrigerators recycling

Recovery of valuable precious metals

Refrigerators contain around 10% non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper and iron. To recover these valuable metals, the first step is to remove all loose metal and glass parts and dismantle the refrigerator’s compressor and motor. In addition, the coolant is extracted. Subsequently, the refrigerators are crushed and processed with our PTV balling mill so that high-grade metals such as aluminum, copper and plastics can be separated from each other with a separating table. The result is clean heavy and light fractions.


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Our machines for your application

Machines for the preparation of metals

Impact crushers

Low operating costs and high crushing capacity.

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Hammer Mills

Whenever a final grain size of 1 mm and smaller is to be produced, in many cases the most economical solution is to use a hammer mill.

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Balling mills

Balling mills with special comminution principle.

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