PTG-Series - Powerful precrushing

Glass Shredder

Feeding precrushed material in a metered manner

The Prall-Tec PTG shredders were initially developed for the pre-shredding of car and bulletproof glass panes, which are to be separated from foreign materials such as foils and frames. The aim is to tear the panes reinforced with foils into small pieces in order to separate foil and glass cleanly later by a secondary crusher such as our PTKS impact mill.

Of course, normal glass panes without film or many other products can also be pre-shredded. Through various further developments and the use of different shredder shafts and teeth, we can now offer a wide range of possibilities for every customer.

Performance data

  • Throughput: Bis zu 100 t/h
  • Bulletproof glass: Bis zu 80 mm
  • Input size: Up to 3 m



2-shaft shredder

Throughput per hour:20 t
Weight:5000 kg
Feeding size:3000 mm
Inlet size:1000 mm x 3000 mm
Performance:2 x 18,5 kW
Final Grain:variabel


4-shaft shredder

Throughput per hour:40 t
Weight:9000 kg
Feeding size:3000 mm
Inlet size:2000 mm x 3000 mm
Performance:4x 18,5 kW
Final Grain:variabel

2 or 4 shredder shafts - the choice is yours

Different sizes for different tasks

2-shaft shredder

4-shaft shredder

The feed size plays one of the most important roles in the design of the shredder. When using a 4-shaft shredder, automotive glass panes or even multi-reinforced bulletproof glass panes up to a thickness of 80 mm can be fed in one piece.

For other materials that are easier to shred, the use of a 2-shaft shredder is usually sufficient. Both pre-shredders ensure a uniform and continuous feed material and, at the same time, can also be used as a feed unit by means of bunker superstructures of different sizes.

Efficient glass recycling

Low wear costs

Glass, and especially glass in combination with a tear-resistant PVB film, is a difficult product to recycle. When developing the shredder, it was important to us to keep the wear costs incurred during operation as low as possible. Due to the slow rotation speed of the shafts, the wear costs are minimal even in glass and also ensure quiet pre-shredding for subsequent production.

Window glass with attached frames can be cleanly separated from each other thanks to the four powerful gear motors, so that they can be processed separately in the following preparation. The shredding of bulletproof glass sheets up to 80 mm thick is probably the most demanding task for the PTG shredder, which shreds the sheets, which are up to 3 m long and reinforced with up to eight layers of film, into pieces of less than 250 mm in size.

Pre-shredder meets hammer mill

Powerful partners

The PTG pre-shredder can be combined with a variety of other machines, but the most suitable is probably the use of a PTKS mill with a hammer rotor. This combination has proven to be a very efficient and highly flexible solution in the past, as the versatile adjustment possibilities of gaps and rotation speeds of both machines can process a wide variety of products.

To cleanly separate film and glass from each other with just two machines or to separate foreign materials such as window frames from the glass after pre-shredding. The areas of application, even outside of glass recycling, are as versatile as the two machines PTG and PTKS themselves.

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