Rotor repairs

Rotor repairs & construction

Rotor exchange

Replacement rotor manufacturing

Even we cannot repair everything! If there is a massive damage caused by a foreign object, we can manufacture a replacement rotor for you at a reasonable price. Of course, according to your individual wishes, such as special hard coating or a front retaining bar instead of retaining pieces or other customization.

Balancing of rotors

Dynamic balancing of a rotor

We have our own rotor test stand in our production facility, on which we test all rotors for unbalance and smooth running before delivery and then balance them dynamically using measuring equipment. It does not matter whether it is a new rotor or a repair rotor, because every rotor is tested before delivery. At the same time, we also check whether bearings, shafts and other components have been installed correctly and the quality assurance department carries out a final test. Only after this test is each rotor released for the customer and can thus be used directly in the impact mill at the customer’s site without any further effort.

Rotor repair

One of the largest rotor rebuilders in Germany

Whether 25t shredder rotor or 500 kg hammer rotor. We repair over 100 different rotors per year, making us probably Germany’s largest rotor reconditioner in the recycling and natural stone industry today. More than 40 years of experience and the know-how of many employees are reflected in all our repairs. Especially by repairing always new and different manufacturers, we have learned a lot about weak points and their reconditioning in all these years and now pass this knowledge on to our customers through our expertise as well as consulting. Our high quality standard of rotor repairs starts with the disassembly and the measurement of all installed parts and ends with the acceptance of the rotor after the repair by the quality assurance. We are happy to make these inspection reports available to our customers afterwards.

Hardfacing of rotor bodies

Hardfacing as wear protection

Rotors must be protected against wear and the best solution, according to many tests, is the application of a hardfacing. However, hardfacing is not hardfacing and welding wire is not welding wire. Rather, it is the application and the rotor condition that determines the wire and thus also the welding process. We offer such protective welds for new machines and repairs in our factory, but we can also carry them out directly in your machine if the rotor is not too worn. A subsequent dynamic balancing of the rotor is indispensable and is always carried out by our employees. This also ensures less vibration after welding and thus a longer service life of the bearing systems and spherical roller bearings themselves.

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