Hammer mills

PTH-Series - Perfected fine shredding

PTH Hammer mills

Fine crushing of the heaviest materials

The hammer mills of the PTH series are designed for crushing and upgrading the heaviest materials and are often used for grinding limestone, phosphates or gypsum. However, the machines are also suitable for other applications, such as glass recycling.

Benefits at a glance

Convincing arguments

Shredding of various materials as a preliminary stage to subsequent sort separation

Low maintenance and
Operating costs

Wide variety of materials that can be processed
can be

Hydraulic opening for the removal of
foreign bodies

Our hammer mills

Robust construction

The mill housing of the hammer mill is made in a sophisticated welded construction with two hinged parts, which can be opened hydraulically. The interior is armored in the wear zones with wear-resistant Hardox sheets or castings, and the rotor disks are also made of a wear-resistant material suitable for hammer mills. The drive is provided by a motor pulley and a mill V-belt pulley and can be equipped with different power levels. Depending on the drive power of 7.5-300 kW, the hammer mill has a throughput of up to 60t/h and a unit weight between 2t and 6t. Due to the various options and extensions, the right machine can be found for every feed material and desired end product.

Powerful - Compact - Efficient

The right machine for your requirements

Depending on the desired feed size, the material and throughput or even the final particle size, the right machine will be found for your requirements. We would be pleased to help you with the selection and conceptual design of your machines and support you with our more than 25 years of experience with hammer mills.

PTH 65-25PTH 65-50PTH 65-75
4 - 6 t6 - 8 t9 - 10 t
1350 kg1600 kg2500 kg
70 mm70 mm70 mm
15 - 45 kW18 - 55 kW22 - 75 kW

Applications of a hammer mill

The optimal solution for every application

Whenever a final grain size of 1 mm and smaller is to be produced, in many cases the most economical solution is to use a hammer mill. Hammer mills are often used for grinding limestone, phosphates or gypsum, but are also suitable for other applications such as glass recycling. Due to the many designs and operating modes of different models of hammer mills, we can offer and install the optimal solution for your application in any field of use. On request, the hammer mills can also be integrated into existing plants in order to generate a higher throughput with more economical production at the same time.








Throughput:Performance:Feed opening:
Up to 60 t/hUp to 300 kWUp to 0,1 mm

Large amount of finest end product

For the big requirements

Do you need a large quantity of finest end product and want to produce it cost-effectively and economically? Then the PTH 100 series is the right choice for you. With rotor widths from 750 mm to 2500 mm and drive motors up to 300 kW, we also have the right hammer mill for you for the big jobs.

Model:PTH 100-75PTH 100-125PTH 100-200PTH 100-250
Throughput per hour:15 - 18 t22 - 25 t30 - 35 t55 - 60 t
Weight: 5700 kg7600 kg13600 kg25400 kg
Feeding size:100 mm100 mm100 mm100 mm
Performance:30 - 160 kW45 - 200 kW55 - 250 kW75 - 300 kW
Final Grain:flexibleflexibleflexibleflexible

Impact mill meets hammer mill

For perfect comminution of a wide range of materials

The combination of impact mill housing and hammer mill rotor is particularly suitable for applications such as the separation of PVB film and glass for car windshields or safety glass. By using different beaters, hammers, knives or blades in the rotor, we can ensure perfect size reduction of a wide range of materials and products. The wearing parts in the PTKSH are made of chrome castings and ensure cost-efficient and low-cost production.

The 2-rotor hammer mill

For maximum degree of crushing

This hammer mill has 2 rotors, which in combination with each other provide a maximum degree of comminution. The target of this machine are final particle sizes below 1 mm.

Model:Weight incl. foundation frame:Performance:Driving power:
PTH 2 490-1901100 kg3 t/h2x 7,5 - 22 kW
PTH 2 490-3801600 kg6 t/h2x 11 - 30 kW
PTH 2 650-2502300 kg12 t/h2x 15 - 45 kW
PTH 2 650-5003200 kg12 t/h2x 18,5 - 55 kW
PTH 2 650-7504380 kg18 t/h2x 22 - 75 kW
PTH 2 1000-7509500 kg30 t/h2x 30 - 160 kW
PTH 2 1000-125012200 kg45 t/h2x 45 - 200 kW
PTH 2 1000-200024000 kg60 t/h2x 55 - 250 kW

A hammer mill as shredder

For a wide range of products and applications

The PTH SI shredder was developed on the basis of our hammer mills. This is mainly used in the shredder light fraction or also in the processing of electronic scrap. The rotor can be equipped with various different hammers and beaters, and the shredder has a 240° grate basket through which the shredded material reaches the outlet. The size of the end product can thus be determined by different sized grate baskets. All in all, a shredder for a wide variety of products and applications!

Model:Throughput per hour:Weight:Feeding size:Inlet size:Performance:Final Grain:
PTH SI 120-10020 t9850 kg200 mm280 mm x 1000 mm132 kWDepending on grate basket
PTH SI 120-250Bis zu 60 t36000 kg300 mm350 mm x 2500 mm350 kWDepending on grate basket

Primary crusher + hammer mill

A powerful combination

These two machines are often used together, since the impact mill alone cannot guarantee ultra-fine comminution and the hammer mill is limited by the feed size of the material. Depending on the requirements and tasks, impact mills and hammer mills can be used in a wide variety of sizes to break down feed sizes of over 1000 mm to less than 1 mm in just 2 steps. The sizes of the machines are mainly determined by the factors feed size and throughput per hour.

Perfect preparation with the PTH Hammer Mill

Recovery of non-ferrous metals from waste incineration residues (IBA).

Customized solution according to customer requirements

Unique impact crushers and hammer mills

Do you have certain wishes and ideas for your machine or are you limited in terms of space when it comes to expanding your plant? Exactly then we can adapt existing technology to your specifications and thus install a machine, which could not have been installed in standard construction. Thus, year after year, we produce various unique impact and hammer mills, whereby the solution of an existing problem or idea is in the foreground for each of these machines.

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Fields of application of the hammer mills

Your material - Our hammer mills

Construction waste

Our hammer mills can be used for the processing of construction waste.

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Our hammer mills can be used for the processing of glass.

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Our hammer mills can be used for the preparation of slag.

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Electronic scrap

Our hammer mills can be used for the processing of electronic scrap.

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Our hammer mills can be used for the preparation of concrete.

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Our hammer mills can be used for the preparation of asphalt.

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Natural stone

Our hammer mills can be used for the processing of natural stone.

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We carry out extensive tests with your feed material for your application in order to find an individual solution for you.

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