Impact arms

Special construction and individual solutions

Prallwerke aller Maschinenhersteller

Wir bauen verschiedenste Prallwerke

We build various impact arms of all machine manufacturers, designed for cast iron or Hardox wear plates. These are manufactured either in original design or, on request, also in a reinforced design, e.g. for use in the processing of building rubble.

Special construction and individual solutions

Individually manufactured baffles

You have a very special application, want to have the impactors modified or reinforced?

All this is no problem and we will build you the right impact tester in the design you need, completely individually according to your wishes.

Impact arms replaces monobloc

Möglichkeiten der Kostenreduzierung

Today, manufacturers frequently rely on the less expensive original equipment and resort to the cast monoblock or multiblock. However, depending on the material and mill, this is significantly more expensive in the long run than an impact unit design with impact plates made of Hardox or cast iron. For this reason, we now replace many monoblocks and exchange them for our impact mills.

Often it is also possible to change the geometry and thus have a positive effect on the material to be crushed. We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities and the cost reduction through the exchange.

Repairs of impact arms

Repairs quickly and cost-efficiently

Whether it’s a foreign object or material fatigue, many impactors become damaged and cracked over the course of their service life.

Just like a rotor, these can also be repaired and in the course of this repaired and strengthened for a further period of use.

In many cases, repairs are a much more cost-effective option and in some cases reduce longer delivery times and downtime of the crushers.

Supplies for impact arms

Spare and wear parts around each impact arms

From spindles to springs to impact plates, we can supply or manufacture all spare and wear parts for any impact device, regardless of the manufacturer. We are also happy to support you in the design and material selection with our Hardox Wearparts Center for the appropriate impact plates. General service life is improved and a sharp crushing edge ensures a permanent improvement of the material shape.

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