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PT Impact Crushers Breaking Records
Impact crusher
Impact crusher by PRALL - TEC GmbH
Impact crusher
Impact crusher by PRALL - TEC GmbH
Opened Impact Crusher
Opened Impact Crusher by PRALL - TEC GmbH
Impact Crusher front- and backview
Impact Crusher front- and backview
Impact Crusher
Impact Crusher by PRALL - TEC GmbH
Integration of the PT-Impact Crusher
Integration of PT-Impact Crusher
Rotor technology of the PT-Impact Crusher
Rotor technology of the PT-Impact Crusher
Detailed view of single components
Detailed view of single components
All-in-one-view of the PT-Impact Crusher
All-in-one-view of the integrated PT-Impact Crusher

Clearly Defined Performance Made in Germany

The crusher housing is made of a strong sheet steel construction and additionally reinforced with bars on the outside. The folding section with the aprons can be opened with the hydraulic above average and offers easy access to the impact crusher interior to replace spare and wear parts. The high net weight of the aprons applies extensive force on the material to be crushed such that the oversize grain percentage is kept very low. At the same time the aprons can open further as in every other comparable impact crusher for a bigger gap between the rotor to avoid damages by foreign steel objects. The rotor body, the aprons and the optional grinding bars are made of a heavy welding construction and allow the use of standardized and economical wear parts.

The field of application of the PT impact crushers ranges from quarry applications for natural stone production to recycling of reinforced concrete up to one of the most difficult tasks the recycling and crushing of steel and waste slag.

Our Experience – Your Success 30 years are in the detail

Through continuous and intense development of the crusher housing geometries, the aprons and the rotor technology, today we are proud to offer probably one of the most sophisticated impact crushers on the market. For tough recycling operation we count on our high evasion paths of the standard installed aprons and on a unique rotor construction with reinforced support bars for the blow bars. The construction and also the production of all our impact crushers have been further optimized over many years over and over again and steadily improved with new materials and ideas of our customers. That way, several hundred impact crushers were built and this is also reflected in today’s work and quality.

Up to 750 t/h
Up to 69 t
Feed size:
Up to 1400 mm

Overview Prall-Tec Impact Crushers A selection of our main impact crushers

Production per hour Weight Feed size Inlet size Final grain
View of PT 60 Impact crusher
15 t 2000 kg 200 mm 390 mm x 450 mm 0 - 45 mm
View of PT 80 Impact crusher
20 t - 70 t 3500 kg - 5000 kg 300 mm 550 mm x 520 mm x 1020 mm 0 - 45 mm
View of PT 100 Impact crusher
60 t - 200 t 6500 kg - 16000 kg 420 mm 610 mm - 760 mm x 690 mm - 2020 mm 0 - 45 mm
View of PT 120 Impact crusher
150 t - 250 t 18000 kg 600 mm 1080 mm x 1260 mm 0 - 45 mm
View of PT 130 Impact crusher
180 t - 350 t 19000 kg - 24000 kg 600 mm - 710 mm 900 mm - 1080 mm x 1360 mm - 2020 mm 0 - 45 mm
View of PT 160 Impact crusher
350 t - 750 t 40000 kg - 69000 kg 1000 mm - 1220 mm 1135 mm - 1600 mm x 1520 mm - 2200 mm 0 - 60 mm

The latest generation of impact crushers Small Crusher – Big Power

The latest generation of our impact crushers includes diverse innovations to facilitate the daily work with the machine and at the same time great importance has been set that proven forms and geometries are used in the machine like before. The new impact crusher has removable aprons that can be taken off to replace and change the impact plates easier and quicker, as well as an integrated removable chain and rubber curtain. The aprons have the largest evasion path in their class and the standard built-in adjustable inlet bar provides even and proper wear of the blow bars and avoids higher wear costs of the inner housing and the rotor. The impact crushers can be equipped with the proven spindle system for the aprons or with the newly developed full-hydraulic cylinders. Evasion paths and stability are the same with both systems and ensure an optimum and evenly sized final product.

PT 11/10 Specifications

We would like to introduce you to the benefits and innovations of the latest PT impact crusher series based on the new PT 11/10. The newest models can be equipped either with a hydraulic cylinder or a manual spindle system for holding the aprons and changing the gap for the final product size. An easy change of the impact plates is guaranteed by the new removable top of the crusher housing and the hammers can be turned and changed with the new chaining apparatus. The new integrated inlet with the rubber and chain curtain saves a lot of space but at the same time the rotor and the inner geometrics are still the old proved ones to give you the same performance as before. Furthermore, all new PT impact crushers can be operated with a grinding path to use it as a powerful secondary crusher. Use the following overview to get an idea of the new PT impact crusher dimensions and specifications.

Fields of application of the impact mills Your Material – Our Impact Crusher

Impact crushers can be used in a wide range and therefore can crush and process various materials. One of the biggest fields of application is natural stone, where it is crucial to achieve a uniform final product with the lowest possible oversized material percentage. A robust and powerful impact crusher is required for slag and particularly in the steel slag recycling that withstands the constant heavy loads and impacts of the hard material. All Prall-Tec impact crushers are built with the same reinforced design and can be operated with such use over 20 years. In recycling, a clean separation of the stones or concrete and the metal is required above all, whereby a final product that can be well marketed shall be created in the same step and all foreign matters on the metal must be crushed off. The steady use in recycling is a tough task, but one that can be easily solved with our PT impact crushers.

Impact crusher fields of application
Impact crusher fields of application

Insights through videos

Plant construction with PT impact crushers We make your ideas happen

From the idea across planning and construction, up to building and assembling, we offer a plant construction from a single source. The single machine parts are manufactured in our own production in Lengerich, Germany and together they create a powerful unit with the impact crushers according to your specifications and wishes. The knowledge and experience is reflected in each plant and every single component is perfectly matched with each other and provides the user the maximum output of all installed machines and pieces. Whether a small secondary crusher on a steel construction, a crushing plant with a bunker and a prescreen or a complete recycling plant with impact crushers, vibrating feeders, screens and conveyors — we will realize your ideas and provide our knowledge for a perfect solution.

Sustained power through experience The PT Rotor Technology

Each rotor is the heat of an impact crusher and is the decisive point for a powerful machine with a high quality final product. All PT rotors are characterized by a very high moment of inertia and the reinforced construction with a massive support beam behind the blow bars. The blow bars are held by rotor caps in the front and pushed against the contact surface of the rotor. Spare parts and the blow bars can be changed easily either be pulled sideways or be taken up by a crane and our blow bar exchanger. Through years of experience of building all different kind of rotors we have one of the strongest construction which has proven itself in the daily use with the hardest materials in recycling and quarries.

High reliability with a defined final grain The PT apron and spindle technology

The aprons are the counterpart of the rotor and are therefore an important component of each impact crusher. They have a large influence on the final product quality that need to be well-defined and sharp crushed. On the one hand you need a defined final grain without much oversize production, at the same time you are also looking for the maximum of security and reliability for your crusher when during the crushing process a foreign metal gets into the crusher. Today we can present 2 different systems that combine these ideas and all PT crushers have the biggest evasion path for aprons in their individual classes. The crusher generates in that combination a very large output in recycling and guarantees a maximum of safety for the operator. With the optional fully hydraulic adjustment, we can provide the customer a faster changing of the final product sizes by just one click on the control unit. Both systems have certain advantages which we will adapt to their later tasks.